Porto is a great place for a two or three night stay. It’s easy too get about and the people were very welcoming and friendly to us. The flights were all good (Easyjet) and we used a meet and greet service to get us to and from Gatwick north terminal as it was an early morning flight.

We stayed in a lovely apartment https://www.authenticportoapartments.com and also ate in a great vegan buffet https://www.daterra.pt. Really recommend the river tour, we managed to catch a sunny day. Just walking around and up and down the river was good. We didn’t do a port tour but walked over to that side and saw the sun set on the old town which is pretty.

A lovely trip and I would return!

There was a bonus of a Frida Kahlo exhibition!


And we went to the famous bookshop where JK Rowling got her inspiration – lovely but very crowded.


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