My longest flight!

Four hours to Rhodes – well they always seem to be slightly shorter?  The captain came out at the end to greet everyone – nice touch. Great smooth flight there and back and all seemed very manageable.  I downloaded some BBC programmes as well as taking the usual Diazepan and gin (just the one) and we were seated one row behind Club Europe seats.  I stared mournfully at the napkins through the curtain.  One day I’ll fly that again!

Maria was a bit cramped as we had been changed to centre and window instead of the centre and aisle that we had booked.  On reflection I should have sorted this out as there were lots of spare seats. It was lovely to get off and feel the warm afternoon air in Rhodes.  That’s a def plus for air travel.

On return we were aisle and centre and I was sat next to someone with a VERY bad cold. I have found this on flights that I sometimes get a cold afterwards.  I put tiger balm and vaseline up my nose for protection (bit stingy but effective – I gave him some as well)

In Rhodes we had a very relaxing time in Stegna.  I would highly recommend .  It’s just one strip of about 10 tavernas, a couple of mini marts and tourist tat shops and a beach.  If I went again the only thing I would do differently is head off to Archangelos the local town where everyone actually lives and get supplies, as choices for self catering were very limited.  On the way there we passed some resorts that looked much too busy and lively so were relieved to drive down the mountain and find this little place.  We ate out every night and the food was great.  Very simple and fresh.  We had an evening return flight so spent the last day in Rhodes old town in a rush of buying oil, slippers etc that we hadn’t done in Stegna.

Two weeks to Porto now, three nights there and going with Maria and a friend, Irene.  First time done this configuration.  I keep remembering that this time last year I hadn’t even been on my course and was very doubtful if it would work and now I’ve completed 14 separate flights!  Whoo eeee!  Going to LA next year seems very doable now.

Stegna recommendations

StegnaKozas – – great fish and seafood place, thought to be one of the best in Rhodes.

Gorgona – – just over the road from the above and not quite as pretty inside but I preferred it – cheaper and great fish.

O Gialos – nice little place and we rented their beds and umbrellas – 7e for two beds and a good umbrella.

Pezbar – funky bar with great music and places to sit and strong wifi.

Everyone was really friendly and I think if you went there a few years you would have made some great mates!



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