France June

We went to France in June and at the moment I’m having two months not flying as the school holidays make the flights very expensive.  I flew from Gatwick to Montpelier with easy jet and that part went very well.  We came down steps outside for the first time for me rather than through a corridor and it was amazing to feel the heat of the mediterranean sun and really get a sense of the different climate coming off the plane – really lovely and made me realise the benefits of air travel!  We had a great holiday – at the end of the two weeks we went back to Montpelier and this was where things started to fall apart!  There was a train strike so we had to get two buses and one of them was late and then stopped for ages so by the time we got to the airport we had already been travelling for six hours.  We didn’t have quite enough time to see Montpelier by the time we had gone across it by two trams to get to the airport.  The airport also didn’t have a left luggage so we were stuck there for a few hours until check in – not great food availability either .
But we were speedy boarding so we were rushed through and got to duty free (I had bought gin) when we were herded back and told the flight was cancelled.  We knew there was a strike but our flight SEEMED unaffected.  By the time we got back to the entrance hall a long queue was formed and all the next flights were full.  All we could do was book flights on Monday (this was Saturday) from Bezier to Luton on Ryanair as Easy Jet could only offer Wednesday.  We got a taxi to the hotel they sent us to (lovely staff but on an industrial estate off a motorway) and they did give us a food and drink allowance there.  We had a day in Montpelier which was lovely and got our flight back on Monday and train from Luton.  This was all good got me and my flying as RyanAir was new to me as was Bezier airport and Luton.  Bezier airport is very very small!  One flight in and one flight out and a little kiosk for refreshments.  There was a lot of hanging around.
No compensation from Easyjet and we are still waiting for expenses   (IN August).
Next flight is Greece (Rhodes) which is longer for me.  BA economy this time but I can get some bells and whistles having flown so much, rebooking seats and I think speedy boarding.  I’ve also taken out an AMEX card just for a lounge pass and we can pay for another one just to make it a bit more like business class!  I hope the two months off won’t affect me  – I just have to trust in my plan which is
Herbal remedy two hours before – no caffeine on the day
One Diazepan one hour before
Engrossing activity on takeoff like crossword or word game 
Gin and slimline (ONE)
Nice mags and good book
Sit in aisle seat near the front.
Of course as I tell people my story they often tell me their horror stories – PLEASE DON”T!  It really doesnt help!
I’m really feeling focused on LA next June – fingers crossed.
Anyone any suggestions for a 4/5 hour flight next Spring to get me in the mood????
Bezier airport!NWAB9431LZGC9978
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