Turin May

With a sad heart this was the last of the BA business class flights for the foreseeable future.  We’ve become something of experts on the business class lounges and top of the charts is Warsaw!  Great range of fresh food.  Bottom of the list is Turin I’m afraid.  Great city though.  The lounge lost points on the small and unappetising selection of food and being the only lounge that had a bar with a barman rather than help yourself.  It was annoying to go to him everytime we wanted water or a hot drink and he often wasn’t there.

We spent a lot of time in this lounge as, for health reasons, we were very early for the flight.  The flights were both fine and going back we had a really professional and helpful cabin crew – makes all the difference.

Turin is a lovely city, easy to navigate as its laid out in a grid system and it has a wonderful museum of film.


As well as amazing architecture and stylish palaces to visit.  In June we are going to Montpelier by Easy Jet but I have included speedy boarding and seats at the front so should be ok (fingers crossed).  I’m already thinking of next year and we are booked up for the rest of this year now .IMG_1549IMG_1534This is the entrance to where we stayed!  Lovely air b and b flat .IMG_1629Iconic museum of film – not the best weather that day!


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