Post Amsterdam

Well I did it!  The first international trip!  Going there was textbook easy, blue skies and a very quick trip – we came in early.  Had a lovely (if cold) couple of days in Amsterdam and then hung around in the lounge for the flight back.  I did get a bit more nervous coming back , I got searched very fully in security and once in the lounge there were lots of rumours of delays and the weather in the UK was looking grim.  A flight to City airport was delayed and then our one was.   It was a surprise when they called us just 10 mins late.  It’s a very long walk to the gate from the lounge and that didn’t help.  However once on it was all fine and as usual.  We got the same old salad Nicoise (I was told that Barcelona will have a different veggie option!) and I had a gin.


My pre flight routine is to avoid caffeine on the day, take two Kalms a couple of hours beforehand and then a Diazepam an hour before.  On the plane I go through diaries with Maria or we play Bananagrams (poor thing she just wants to relax and enjoy takeoff) and then I have a gin and slimline.  After eating I just read a magazine.  So far with flight times at just over an hour that takes up all the time.  Barcelona in 2 weeks will be longer!  I’m really pleased with my progress so far but still cautious.IMG_1009

IMG_1023We had a lovely lunch here – Algerian food and also at The Golden Temple veggie restaurant thats been open since 1973 

I thought I’d add in a bit about what we are doing on our trips!  Barcelona is the next one on 14th March.


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  1. Tina Smale says:

    Amazing! Well done you – totally know how you felt. I also take a diazepam but closer to take off. Then sit rigid in the seat the whole way. But slowly getting better 🙂


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