Amsterdam on Sunday February

pexels-photo-510541.jpegI’m packing for Amsterdam on Sunday, a bit apprehensive but nothing like I was before Glasgow!  With hand luggage I’m having to get used to a different way of packing and remember to keep the toiletries in an outside section so I can access them.

I have just booked for France in June – Easyjet to Montpelier – it will be a bit of a comedown after business class BA but I have booked extra legroom etc so hopefully will be OK.  Two weeks after Amsterdam we’re going to Barcelona so this flying programme is relentless but I think that it’s the best way for me to keep on top of my fear and keep familiarising myself with the process.

I have had great help from Georgie Butler at FCM Travel who has done a lot of booking and given me a great deal of advice – she can be contacted at georgie.butler@uk.fcmtravel and I would really recommend her and the company she works for.  I have booked myself when we have been staying with friends but for combined hotel and flights she has managed to get me some great rates.

Will post again after Amsterdam – intending to take a diazepam again, it really helped last time.pexels-photo-851039.jpeg


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