Glasgow January Hurrah – maiden flight!

pexels-photo-801745.jpegWell the first two flights are under my belt!  There and back to Glasgow.  I must say that getting business class was so worth it.  It meant we didn’t have to queue at Gatwick and the BA lounge is a lovely calm place to hang out (although we were near some excitable 20 somethings on their way to Orlando).  There’s food, drink, magazines, papers and comfy chairs.  We also got on and off the plane first, had food and drink on the plane and our own loo and lovely flight attendant.

Up to the moment of going I wondered if I could go through with it but although I knew I could cancel everything I also felt that this was it, that I had to do it.

I had agreed with Maria that as soon as we sat down I wanted to just do something distracting .  We watched the safety thing.  Captain Keith said that it would be reassuring, I also felt that it was rude not to as she was standing right in front of me!  Being a teacher myself I was hard wired to watch.  After that we got our diaries out and went through birthdays and arrangements and that took me through the door closing and takeoff.  I wasn’t keen on takeoff, its so noisy, but once we got up everything felt OK and we had food and drink to occupy ourselves with.

As soon as the lights went off I went to the loo.  I just looked at myself in the mirror – I was flying!  There was a little turbulence and we had to put our belts on but it was all fine.  Landing was also fine, it was sunny and I even had a little look out of the window.

I didn’t obsess about coming back, I was a little nervous and it was a night flight, the last BA one out of Glasgow so we had some time in their nice BA lounge and it was quieter than Gatwick .  All was fine on the way back and again , we were early.

I am looking forward to our next flight to Amsterdam, I know that I’m just at the start of this process but I was so happy to have a positive experience.



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