Pre flight nerves

pexels-photo-443430.jpegHello, if you’ve found your way here then I’m going to assume that you are a nervous flyer.  My aim with this blog is to help myself and to help you by detailing my journey this year.

Aim: To take a flight every month

Background: I last flew probably 36 years ago and that was a flight to Paris and back with my eyes closed all the way.

Since my early 20’s I have had a overwhelming fear of flying.  I’m not sure when exactly it started.  I think that I might have had a bumpy flight and then announced to my family that I wasn’t going to fly anymore.  That gave me control in a family background where I hadn’t had any control, it also gave me attention.  Anyway I want to keep the background brief and concentrate on the ways I am overcoming it.

I am 60 and have been with my partner, in a civil partnership, for 23 years this year.  During that time I have dragged her (and for some of this time our daughter) on holidays with long drawn out journeys.  Three years ago we even managed to travel around the US for three months thanks to the Queen Mary and Amtrak .  We are very experienced with European night trains and Eurostar of course.  I’m not saying that any of this is bad!

Train travel is great for the environment and being on a journey gives time and space for enjoyment .  We have seen amazing scenery and had fabulous experiences with slow travel.  I love trains and wouldn’t want to say that I never want to travel slowly again.  I remember the six weeks we took to travel down through Spain and over to Morocco.  The experience of the ferry journey from Spain to Tangier and the cultural change from a journey quicker than crossing the channel was amazing.

In fact it makes sense for some places to get the train.  Amsterdam and Paris are better accessed by train.

But….but…but.  There has been a lot we have missed out on – weekend breaks, winter sun, visiting friends and family.  It would be great to have the option.

On a personal note I want to challenge myself as well.  I don’t want to be defined by my fear.

I have been on four fear of flying courses and I’m sure that any of them would work for many people.  All I can say is that the one I found most effective was this one

I’ll talk more about it , and my plan for this year in the next blog post.  I aim to post weekly as much as possible .

Strap yourself in and come with me!


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