The course that worked

pexels-photo.jpgFor me the Captain Keith course that I recommend in my first blog gave me the possibility of flying.  I can’t say it worked yet as I haven’t taken my first flight!  The fear I have is not so much the mechanics of flying.  I’m fully aware how safe it is and that any sounds and movement is not dangerous blah blah blah.  For me its the control, as soon as that door is locked I have no options.  I know that realistically thats the same on Eurostar and TGV and even the Queen Mary.  It just feels that there might be an option , a possibility of escape.

Because I was the only person on the course (the other person cancelled – I bet that happens a lot!  I suggested that I should come another time but he wasn’t having any of it!) Keith was able to tailor it to me and my fears.  I think that in the other courses they were also quite big and I was able to just sit at the back and nod.  With this one I couldn’t help but be engaged.

The other thing for me is to make it a project.  I’m a great organiser and setting up the blog and planning my monthly trips has kept me engaged.

See you at Gatwick!!!


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